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Using Public Web Services to get Information

Using Public Web Services to get Information about Music Artists, Albums and Tracks

Link via CodeProject

Twitter to expand onto Canadian Televisions

Social TV is growing this time with Twitter’s new TV deals.

Linkvia Metronews.

TV viewing on the telly drops rapidly – tells BBC

“Its not just PC-based iPlayer viewing that is losing out as a result of the boom in tablet and smartphone access, but TV-based viewing as well. On the BBCs own figures, the share of TV-based requests for TV programming is down by over 25% over the last year.”



Even Samsung will eventually succumb to the logic of a universal Smart TV OS

“Decipher predicts that Connected TV apps developers will eventually be able to focus on Apple, Android or Windows environments. Major TV makers will fight for their proprietary systems but then accept consolidation in the long-term.”

Via Videonet

Twitter is at the cusp of a new TV ad model

Read more on “Calendar live” at Lost Remote.

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