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Telenor CEO dreams about being a cable operator

A surprising statement from Telenor Norway’s first lady.
Read the whole story at Videonet.

Twitter engagement now an accepted metric for TV

Kantar Media, one of the world’s leading audience measurement companies will harness social TV data from Twitter to its clients.
link via Videonet



Intel to enter the internet television market via an interesting feature
“The hardware will also include a camera — which can be turned off — that will apparently watch users as they watch TV (including, possibly, for targeting ads). Huggers said one use case for the camera could include synchronizing viewing with viewers across the country for a “real social experience.” The camera could also theoretically recognize users in order to provide personalized show recommendations.”
link via The Verge
‘Second screen experience’: 1 in 3 Twitter users tweet about TV shows they watch

“Twitter has become the second screen experience for television,” said Deirdre Bannon, vice president of social media at Nielsen.
Social networking is becoming so pervasive that the study found nearly a third of people aged 18-to-24 reported using the sites while in the bathroom.
An estimated 41 percent of tablet owners and 38 percent of smartphone owners used their device while also watching television at least once a day, Nielsen said.

link via Syracuse

Cloud rendered user interface

A part of the solution to solve fragmentation:
“Rendering the User Interface in the cloud could solve some of the biggest challenges facing platform operators in the multi-screen TV era, making it realistic to present an identical UI on every device without a herculean effort to develop and then maintain apps for different set-top boxes and connected TV devices.”


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